Escape Rooms Offer Creative Fun for Summer Camps

Crack the Code is the perfect summer camp activity in the New Hampshire Lakes Region featuring activities for staff, counselors, families, and campers. Gather your staff and counselors for a bonding, team-building activity that only an escape room experience can offer. Bring your team together and get them ready to build trust and work together as a team toward your common goals.

In an escape room experience, team members must communicate clearly and work together to solve the puzzles and decipher clues they find in the room, in order to escape in less than 60 minutes. Teammates learn a lot about each other when they attempt to solve an escape room together — how they react in stressful situations and how they work together as a group. Before campers arrive for the season, make the most of this opportunity to gather management and staff for a new type of team building to get ready for a great summer.

Crack the Code is also an excellent idea for a camp field trip/activity for the your campers themselves. It can be challenging to find fun activities for campers, especially on rainy days during the season, but Crack the Code is the perfect solution. We can accommodate birthday events and school groups of kids ages 10 and older, and they always have an unforgettable experience at Crack the Code.


Our games will challenge your campers in ways that are different from their usual camp activities. Because many young people have never played an escape game before, it promises to be a unique experience will be a totally different experience. Not only are our games fun, but campers will learn important skills like teamwork, cooperation, and communication while having a great time at Crack the Code.


For more information about bringing in a special group, please send us an email ( or give us a call (1-833-THE-CODE) so we can set up your customized event!

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