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Blackbeard’s Revenge

Your captain is the infamous Blackbeard himself, and this is no life for you. Blackbeard has gone ashore for some rum and some trouble. This is your chance. Break into his quarters to find his secret treasure map and make your escape. But he’ll be back soon, and if he catches you, all you’ll find is Blackbeard’s Revenge!



KGBe Careful

It’s 1962 and the world is gripped by the Cold War. The United States and Soviet Union run clandestine operations across the globe. As Secret Service agents, you’ve heard chatter about a KGB plot to assassinate the first family. You’ve infiltrated a KGB hideout to investigate and neutralize the threat against the president, but things are not what they seem …

Digital Mayhem

COMING SOON … Our high-tech, high-adrenaline escape room at Crack the Code Escape Rooms in Meredith, New Hampshire features night vision, lasers, and digital monitoring. Your team’s mission is to halt a shipment of plutonium that threatens world security. You have 60 minutes. Are you up for the challenge?