Team Building


In addition to escape room experiences, we offer team-building exercises run by our trained staff in our spacious conference facility and conference room, handicapped accessible, with plenty of parking.

We specialize in creative and unique experiences that not only entertain, but also build trust, improve communication, encourage cooperation, and bond participants as a TEAM.

Half-day and full-day packages are available, with optional catering.

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Potential focus points for team-building sessions:

Build trust
Get to know each other on a deeper level, focus on shared goals, and grow in trust as you achieve them together.

Learn cooperatively
Find out the unique strength of working together, dividing tasks, and delegating responsibilities according to abilities.

Discover skills
Learn about team members’ skills and strengths. Find out the power of diversity and the value of unique perspectives. Empower even timid team members to know the worth of their unique voice.

Resolve conflict
Give each team member the opportunity to be heard. Repair relationships and move forward with enhanced communication exercises and non-judgmental guidance.

Clarify goals
Define team identity, elucidate team values, and set shared goals so you can face the future with a common sense of purpose and understanding.

Improve communication
Discover new ways to hear one another and be heard in group dynamics. Identify negative communication habits and common pitfalls and learn how to avoid them.


Team Building Testimonials:

“So much fun and impressively well done. Highly recommended.”
Ryan R., Chief Service Officer, Mainstay technologies

“We had a really great day. We will certainly spread the word about how amazing the team is at Crack the Code!”
Shannon B., school principal